ls * can list all the files in the subdirectories.

ls *.pdb can only list all the files with extension pdb in the current directory.

So how to list all the files with extension pdb in the subdirectories?

My subdirectories are named as 1, 2, 3, .... I would like the output also include the directory information, so that I can use the output as an ensemble of input files. For example, the output should be like:

1/a.pdb 1/b.pdb 1/c.pdb 2/a.pdb 2/b.pdb 2/c.pdb 3/a.pdb 3/b.pdb 3/c.pdb


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3 solutions :

Simple glob

ls */*.pdb

Recursive using

shopt -s globstar
ls **/*.pdb

Recursive using

find . -type f -name '*.pdb'

Try this too:

locate */*.pdb

Its for previously made database

You can see the difference, if you code some Python and right after that use both

locate */*.py
ls */*.py
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