I am trying to use the ReactiveRecyclerViewAdapter. For the most part I have been reading up on DynamicData and following the sample at : https://github.com/reactiveui/ReactiveUI.Samples/tree/master/Xamarin.Native/ReactiveRecyclerView

In order to use the ReactiveRecyclerViewAdapter, the base class requires a backingList of type IObservable<IChangeSet<ItemViewModel>>. In the sample you can get this from a SourceList<ItemModel> using:

  .Transform(model => new ItemViewModel(model))

But what if I am using a SourceCache<ItemModel, Guid> because my list items have a unique identifier which is used remove items. How would I connect this to work with the ReactiveRecyclerViewAdapter? I can get the following Observables from a SourceCache, but neither is accepted by the ReactiveRecyclerViewAdapter:

public IObservable<IChangeSet<ItemViewModel, Guid>> ItemCollection { get; }
public ReadOnlyObservableCollection<ItemViewModel> ItemCollection2;

I am missing something and cannot find any documentation. My goal is to display Insert, Move, Remove, Change... etc. animations automatically as the items source cache is manipulated. Any help would be appreciated.

Update Seems like I could convert the ReadOnlyObservableCollection<ItemViewModel> to IObservable<IChangeSet<ItemViewModel>> using AsObservableChangeSet(). But the now the Observables are not getting any updates that occur on the SourceCache (items).

ReadOnlyObservableCollection<ItemViewModel> readonlyCollection;
    .Transform(model => new ItemViewModel(model))
    .Bind(out readonlyCollection)

ItemsCollection = readonlyCollection.AsObservableChangeSet();
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    ToObservableChangeSet is probably what you want to use instead. AsObservableChangeSet() just gives a snapshot in the current time while ToObservableChangeSet will keep updating. – Glenn Watson Dec 27 '19 at 6:46
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    As shortcut I prefer exposing a ReadOnlyObservableCollection property for ReactiveRecyclerViewAdapter rather than the ChangeSet. It ends up doing the backingList.ToObservableChangeSet for you internally anyways, like Glenn referred to. – Colt Bauman Dec 27 '19 at 17:30
  • That was it! Going back to documentation must have misread ToObservableChangeSet as "AsObservableChangeSet" and didn't see the other method because I did not import DynamicData.Binding; Thanks for the help! – Alex Dec 27 '19 at 19:38

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