I followed the steps mentioned in official WSO2 documentation https://is.docs.wso2.com/en/5.9.0/learn/adding-a-new-workflow-definition/ Steps to recreate the error: 1.Create local role (Approver) with permissions-Login Human Tasks > View Task List Workflow Management > BPS Profiles >View 2.Created a workflow definition, added the above role(Approver) to this definition 3.But when I try to create workflow engagement for this I get the following error. Workflow error Blank entry

Also after this when I try to restart the server, it doesn't restarts.

  • Anyone having any clue on similar issue...please guide us for this – shubh1023 Jan 3 at 6:38

There was a similar issue reported in the wso2 Github repository. Please refer to this

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