fullscreen hides both the Android navigation and status bars (requiring you swipe from the bottom to show the navigation bar over the app), and standalone hides neither, when it comes to the display property of the PWA's manifest.

Simply, I want the bottom Android navigation bar to always show but without showing the top status bar. I wonder if I am missing some HTML meta or manifest JSON property or some other way to accomplish this?

I will expect most users to install the PWA via the web, not via the Play Store (so no TWA, Android application wrapper, etc.)


As far as I know this is not possible.

With the web-manifest you have different choices: default, standalone, fullscreen (see screenshots below):

enter image description here

On the Google docs page, also a "minimal-ui" value is available:

This mode is similar to fullscreen, but provides the user with some means to access a minimal set of UI elements for controlling navigation (i.e., back, forward, reload, etc). Note: Only supported by Chrome on mobile.

Reading the description it seems this is what you are looking for, but unfortunately the top status bar and also the page address (read-only) is displayed. Therefore I do not think you can achieve what are you looking for with the standard display values of the web manifest.

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