I am trying to implement impersonation. I referred to the documentation and also referred to a similar question & response here.

So I see two methods.

1) To do it the way Aspnet.zero implements. In this it seems that user gets logged out and login again with the impersonated tenant & user (gets redirected to the url).

2) Follow a simpler method as in documentation:

    using (_session.Use(42, null))
        var tenantId = _session.TenantId; //42
        var userId = _session.UserId; //null

In my case If I follow 1st method, I will have to redirect the user to the tenant url (in the format of {subdomain}.mydomain.com) which I am not very keen on doing.

So, If I follow 2nd method can I impersonate in such a way that it will work on impersonated tenant & userid until I switch it off (say by pressing a button)? User scenerio;

  1. Host user go to tenant list.
  2. Click [impersonate] for a selected tenant from the grid (impersonate as tenant admin)
  3. work as the tenant admin of selected tenant
  4. Click [switch off] or similar button that always appear at the header if user is in impersonate mode.
  • Is this a yes/no question? – aaron Dec 29 '19 at 13:32
  • updated the question with more information – user2058413 Dec 29 '19 at 14:04

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