Is there a way to no wrap text in ListItemText?

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I need ListItemText just to cut words without any expansion or scrolls.


  • Can you show us a sample ?
    – ttrasn
    Dec 29, 2019 at 17:41

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As of Material UI version 5.0.6 You can override the ListItemText using the primaryTypography prop.

More info on the ListItemText Api Documentation

primaryTypographyProps: These props will be forwarded to the primary typography component (as long as disableTypography is not true).

This would mean that the props passed will be passed to a Typography Component

To hide or wrap the text we can restrict the width of the ListItem (if needed depending on parent) in this case setting the maxWidth to 300px, and then use the primaryTypographyProps and pass a style object that will have the whiteSpace, overflow and textOverflow set to hide.

import { ListItem, ListItemText } from '@mui/material';

        maxWidth: 300
        primary={"Super long string that needs to be wrapped"}
        secondary={"other text not important"}
            variant: 'subtitle2', 
            style: {
                whiteSpace: 'nowrap',
                overflow: 'hidden',
                textOverflow: 'ellipsis'
        secondaryTypographyProps={{ variant: 'caption' }}

For more control you can also disable Typography and pass your own component that has its own styling entirely if you prefer.

disableTypography: If true, the children won't be wrapped by a Typography component. This can be useful to render an alternative Typography variant by wrapping the children (or primary) text, and optional secondary text with the Typography component.

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