I use the following command to delete the contents of a mailbox, but it still prompts me to confirm. Is there a way to not prompt me.

Search-Mailbox -id "UserName" -DeleteContent -Confirm:$false

The way to stop prompting is to use the -Force parameter (if the cmdlet supports it).

Setting -Confirm to $false just means "prompt me if you need to." Setting -Confirm to $true means "prompt me every time."


There seems to be a syntax error -confirm like -DeleteContent is a SwitchParameter this means that you just have to omit it.

Search-Mailbox -id "UserName" -DeleteContent 
  • Thanks, I was not knowing that. – JPBlanc May 18 '11 at 16:28

Simple thing just go through /Library/Mail/v2/MailData and delete the files with names Envelope then all the contents will be deleted from Mail App

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