I have implemented the stripe checkout using node.js

product.photo is https://test.s3.amazonaws.com/2213131

const session = await stripe.checkout.sessions.create({
  payment_method_types: ["card"],
  line_items: [{
    name: product.title,
    description: product.description,
    images: [product.photo],
    amount: product.price * 100,
    currency: "usd",
    quantity: 1
  success_url: "http://localhost:3000/success?session_id={CHECKOUT_SESSION_ID}",
  cancel_url: "http://localhost:3000/cancel"

For some reason, the picture is always empty

enter image description here

Other data is fine

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    Can you view the image in the browser when you visit the url directly ? I get a "AccessDenied" error – Marc Dec 30 '19 at 14:12
  • How does product.photo looks like? Does request for the image returns anything / emty data / 404 ...? What actually downloads the data - server or client? – Zydnar Dec 30 '19 at 14:14
  • Yeah I can access test.s3.amazonaws.com/2213131 but for some reason when passing to the create-session it shows 404 . – airsoftFreak Dec 30 '19 at 14:17
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    The photo is not publicly available, make it public in S3. – Marcos Casagrande Dec 30 '19 at 14:28
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    For anyone finding this: Turns out Stripe don't like .jfif files, added a jpg instead and it worked – Jimmy Apr 15 '20 at 8:01

I had the same issue. Please make sure to use the correct "content-type" for your images when storing to S3. That should fix it. Check that your browser does not download image as attachment, rather shows image in browser.


Similar to Sumit Datta, it was the content-type metadata on S3 that was causing this issue. Make sure you use image/jpeg or image/png as the content-type, else Stripe's CDN won't be able to cache your images!

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