I'm trying to update my terraform files from V0.11 to V0.12 and I have some questions.

What's the best way to concatenate variables with strings?

In V0.11 I use this: ${var.name}-STRING-${var.name2}, in V0.12 can I use this: var.name"-STRING-"var.name2 or must I use another ways to concatenate variables and strings?


List of available functions is available at https://www.terraform.io/docs/configuration/functions/join.html

For Python programmers I would suggest using join as another readable alternative:

join("-", [var.name, "STRING", var.name2])

In v0.12 for interpolations like this:


You should use now:


In your example, In v0.12 you should keep using the previous syntax from v0.11:


There is a great section in Terraform documentation about migrating to v0.12


To concatenate, check few example below:

If you want to add '@' to string:

value = "${var.username}@${aws_instance.my-instance.public_dns}"

Output: abc@ec2-184-72-11-141.us-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com

To create link:

value = "http://${aws_instance.my-instance.public_dns}:90"

Output: http://ec2-184-72-11-141.us-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com:90


Former C Programmers might like this function better:

format("%s-STRING-%s", var.name, var.name2)

For me, it's less clunky than the old $-Syntax

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