I have windows 10 Home and AMD ryzen 5 processor. I'm using android studio 4.0 canary 7 (I also tried the latest stable version with the same error). I'm following the official tutorial to enable the Android Emulator for AMD Processors here..


This is relatively new and I created an issue for them but wanted to see if someone might help with this or had this problem before. So everything looks good until the step to install gvm as administrator by going to the directory (Android_Emulator_HyperVisor_Driver) and running silent_install.bat. For some reason it is failing to run the service and I get the following error

[SC] ControlService FAILED 1062:

The service has not been started.

[SC] DeleteService SUCCESS
[SC] StartService FAILED with error 4294967201.

Hypervisor platform is disabled (It should according to this latest tutorial as this is different than how it was last year). Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated.


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    I had the same error, it was because Device Guard wasn't correctly disabled, you should follow this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIBdY-5zr58 After that restart your computer and try again with admin command prompt – Xlucxs Apr 7 '20 at 16:47
  • @Xlucxs This is the real, correct answer. You should edit you previously deleted answer and add more details as it was useful to me. Thanks. – Metafaniel Jun 30 '20 at 20:26

If you are using Avast antivirus (Or AVG), The problem may be in it.

So things to do to fix this:

-Activate Virtualization in bios
-Deactivate Hyper-v and hypervisor platform in "activate/desactivate windows function" & run powershell as admin and make :"Disable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Hyper-V"
-In Avast Antivirus. In settings click Troubleshoot on the left side of the screen, uncheck the box next to Enable hardware assisted virtualization, then click OK to confirm and restart your computer

I've got the solution from https://github.com/google/android-emulator-hypervisor-driver-for-amd-processors/issues/10#issuecomment-715423881

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    worked for me, although I used AVG Free Antivirus but it´s the same there. Thanks! – Nuqo Feb 3 at 16:02
  • Glad it worked for you! thanks for the info, I will add that to my answer – Anwar Benhamada Feb 4 at 7:20
  • If you are using AVG Free you may also need to disable virtualization. Do this in Settings > Troubleshooting and then uncheck "Activate hardware virtualization". Then restart computer. – AsusT9 yesterday
  • Worked for me also, I would have never imagined this would be the problem, great job, thanks – Guy 13 hours ago

I found the answer after long time. I had to enable Virtualization on my machine.


If You are using AMD Ryzen Just go to bios setting check for SVM Mode if it is Disabled then Enable it .. Emulator work perfectly..Below Link show where to enable SVM Mode in Aorus Gigabyte Motherboard BIOS..


also Disable hyper-v in windows feature.. sample below


After this emulator will works like a charm...


Go to BIOS setting of your laptop/PC, and enable the SVM setting and save it. This should work. This issue is because Virtualization on the PC is disabled once it is enabled it works. Please let me know if it doesn't work.

NOTE : BIOS - As your PC’s most important startup program, BIOS, or Basic Input/Output System, is the built-in core processor software responsible for booting up your system.

Restart your machine and press the hotkey, your BIOS setting will be opened.

These are some brands hotkey, might be useful.

  • Acer: F2 or DEL

  • ASUS: F2 for all PCs, F2 or DEL for motherboards

  • Dell: F2 or F12

  • HP: ESC or F10

  • Lenovo: F2 or Fn + F2

  • Lenovo (Desktops): F1

  • Lenovo (ThinkPads): Enter + F1.

  • MSI: DEL for motherboards and PCs

  • Microsoft Surface Tablets: Press and hold volume up button.

  • Origin PC: F2

  • Samsung: F2

  • Sony: F1, F2, or F3

  • Toshiba: F2


I'm just a hobbyist so I have no idea why this works but if you install NoxPlayer (Android emulator), Android Studio emulator works perfectly.

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