I am trying to create app with microservice architecture. I am using jhipster. I want to separate backend and frontend. So first i created jhipster uaa server for authorization named as uaa then i created a gateway with --skip-client and --skip-user-management options named as gateway. After running them both i can be login with postman with /auth/login api. But when i want to get account information i am getting api not found error. I am trying to get account information with /uaa/api/account link because microservices's name is uaa but no luck. Am i missing something or is there any other settings that forget?


Before /uaa is missing /services, on the end is gonna be something like /services/uaa/api/account .

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    thank you for your answer, you are right, yesterday i noticed that there is a prefix settings in application.yml. i commented it and it worked as i wantted. – mehmet Jan 4 at 14:12

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