did anyone get the public folder working with custom express server and next-routes? getting 404 errors for all assets in public/asset

repo- https://github.com/msreekm/next9-custom-server-routes-example

  • you mean you want to create a public folder rather than statics and use the material inside ? – Afsanefda Jan 4 at 6:47
  • why don't you use statics folder ? is there a reason ? – Afsanefda Jan 4 at 6:48
  • 1
    @Afsanefda a strange question. public is clearly positioned as static replacement. There's even a console warning if you use static... The other thing is that public doesn't work correctly (at the moment) – Ivan Kleshnin Jan 24 at 13:38

Nested public folders seem to be completely broken in latest NextJS. I'm personally switching back to static.

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