Recently I updated my VS code on my macOS. I'm now running vs code version 1.41.1.

Ever since the reinstall, the phpfmt extension is no longer working and giving me the

phpfmt: php_bin "php" is invalid`

pop up every time I save a file.

I tried removing VS code and installing it again. I removed the extension and reinstalled it as well yet I am still getting this error.

Is there any other settings i can clear. I can't find this error anywhere online.

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Just add below code in setting.json in VS Code

"phpfmt.php_bin": "C:/xampp/php/php.exe"

in my case the location is in xampp so just add your php.exe location.


On Mac Os:

In the vscode settings (JSON view) extend the ^^ above option with the Mac Os PHP path:

 "phpfmt.php_bin": "/usr/bin/php"


  • Thanks very much. Did b.t.w. not work for me in a "[php]" subsection (or however to name it), but below settings.json "root". And pointing to "/usr/local/bin/php" which actually points to a brew Cellar.
    – gresch
    Jan 24 at 16:54

assuming you have PHP installed:

Edit your vscode settings (JSON view) add this option:

"phpfmt.php_bin": "php"

If you want auto formatting on save:

All Languages:

"editor.formatOnSave": true

Just PHP:

"[php]": { "editor.formatOnSave": true }

you can always check out the plugin page too:


has this bits of info on this + further configuration

happy coding!


You have to find dir to file php.exe and then you can fig that easily by this way below: "phpfmt.php_bin": "F:/Xampp/php/php.exe",

F:/Xampp/php/php.exe - my directory

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"phpfmt.php_bin": "C:/xampp/php/php.exe"
  • open setting.json in VS code
  • You have to find your php.exe path and paste it after "phpfmt.php_bin": "php.exe path"
"phpfmt.php_bin": "$(which php)"

works for me (using zsh, my actual path is /opt/homebrew/bin/php (which is a symbolic link to ../Cellar/php/8.3.3_1/bin/php at the moment).

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