I am developing a website using VueJS, and Kentico Kontent as a CMS. This CMS offers the "rich text" feature, basically allowing text content to embed links and basic formatting, which gets automatically converted into HTML when served through the API.

I have no problem displaying the HTML content using the v-html directive, but I cannot think of a way to set the attributes of the inner <a> tags to _blank, so that the embedded links open new windows when clicked.

Is there any elegant way to do this without having to parse the HTML from the Front-end?


You could create a directive:

Vue.directive('links-in-new-window', {
  inserted: function(el) {
    const anchors = el.querySelectorAll('a')

    anchors.forEach((anchor) => anchor.target = "_blank")


And just apply that to the same element you're using the v-html on:

<div class="content" v-html="content" v-links-in-new-window></div>

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