So here are the task that I have tried to set the WSO2 API manager and the Micro Gateway services in my local system , so here is a sample configuration

OS: Ubuntu server 18 LTS
WSO2 API Manager - Local Server IP:
WSO2 MicroGateway service (Sandbox) - Local Server IP:
WSO2 MicroGateway service (Production) - Local Server IP:

API Manager:


  • Create a mock hello world API using PHP to access the backend and datastore services.
  • Created a sample OpenAPI 3.0 yaml file to forward the request to the backend php services.
  • Installed all prerequisites
  • I had document to install the Microgateway services in docker, but I decided to try the MGW services installation directly within the server without docker
  • Created a API using micro-gw init and placed the yaml file within api-definitions
  • created the build successfully
  • Ran the build using gateway which was accessible using Postman.
  • Tried to change the hostname of microgateway service to listen IP instead of localhost but gets overrides to localhost:9090 however the service can be accessible using IP so no further changes made.

Configuration of API Manager and MGW

  • Uploaded the same YAML to API manager using publisher to configure the API manager and microgateway services.
  • Used API managers key certificates to set the microgateway (which failed)
  • create the end points to point to Production and Sandbox micro gateways using the IP address and the port number and
  • Accessed the developer portal, created a token key.
  • However, the token failed to help access the microgateway service. Even I tried using the URL provided by the API manager but still inaccessible.

The Configuration was unsuccessful

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