I try to run unit tests for NGXS State but when I run dispatch with Action classs function it doesn't run

  loadProductPage(ctx: StateContext<ProductStateModel>, { page, size }: GetProductsAction) {

this is my unit test code:

  it('should create an action and get not empty pageProduct', () => {
spyOn(httpClient, 'get').and.returnValue(of({totalElements: 2}));
store.dispatch(new GetProductsAction(1, 20))
store.select(state => state.product.pageProduct).subscribe((pageProduct: PageProduct) => {
const x = store.selectSnapshot(state => state.product.pageProduct);
console.log('xxx '+ JSON.stringify(x));



anyone have idea why it doesn't work?


dispatch returns an Observable that should be subscribed to or awaited using toPromise method.

You retrieve the snapshot right after dispatch, so I think the action is simply not handled.

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