Using JHiÀster 6.6 to build a microservices architecture application. I have a gateway and 2 microservices. All have been spun up using JDL with OAUTH2 authentication.

If I set the OAUTH2 provider as the internal KeyCloak server, all works well, I can log in at the gateway front end, and the requests to the microservices for various entities etc work.

When I switch over to OKTA, I get a refresh loop, which shows as a 401 Unauthorized in the network dev console in the browser each time. On the service / gateway side, I get no error logged.

I've got all groups assigned to the app in OKTA using the .* regex as recommended.

It feels like there is some issue / privilege with the non-user authentication but i'm not familiar enough with OKTA, and not seeing anything meaningful coming back from JHipster / Spring.

EDIT: Tweaked debugging, and the main point of failure in the microservice appears to be here:

2020-01-03 19:25:20.567 DEBUG 41074 --- [ XNIO-1 task-13] o.s.s.w.u.matcher.AntPathRequestMatcher  : Checking match of request : '/api/remote-sites'; against '/oauth2/authorization/{registrationId}'
2020-01-03 19:25:20.567 DEBUG 41074 --- [ XNIO-1 task-13] o.s.security.web.FilterChainProxy        : /api/remote-sites at position 6 of 13 in additional filter chain; firing Filter: 'BearerTokenAuthenticationFilter'
2020-01-03 19:25:20.568 DEBUG 41074 --- [ XNIO-1 task-13] o.s.s.authentication.ProviderManager     : Authentication attempt using org.springframework.security.oauth2.server.resource.authentication.JwtAuthenticationProvider
2020-01-03 19:25:20.612 DEBUG 41074 --- [ XNIO-1 task-13] .s.a.DefaultAuthenticationEventPublisher : No event was found for the exception org.springframework.security.oauth2.core.OAuth2AuthenticationException
2020-01-03 19:25:20.612 DEBUG 41074 --- [ XNIO-1 task-13] .o.s.r.w.BearerTokenAuthenticationFilter : Authentication request for failed: org.springframework.security.oauth2.core.OAuth2AuthenticationException: An error occurred while attempting to decode the Jwt: Signed JWT rejected: Another algorithm expected, or no matching key(s) found
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    Are your groups in Okta named ROLE_USER and ROLE_ADMIN? If so, you might want to try it in an incognito window. – Matt Raible Jan 3 at 18:48
  • They are indeed - all the admin / user dependent roles seem to work in the GW and Service Registry. Also tried in incognito and no luck unfortunately. – bdav Jan 3 at 19:13
  • Are you using your default authorization server? Your issuer should end in /oauth2/default? If you're using the org auth server, you can't validate your JWT. – Matt Raible Jan 4 at 15:27
  • Ahh - currently I can only hit https://(org).okta-emea.com/ or whatever it is. If I include /oauth2/default, it doesn’t work at all, and okta gives me a 404 on that page. Okta doesn’t give me any interface to add API endpoints / change them, however Okta day they have enabled oauth2 on the tenant (and the bare domain started working once this was enabled. Is there a part im missing? – bdav Jan 5 at 17:59
  • Are you sure you have an Okta developer account? I'd try creating a new account at developer.okta.com/signup and using that account. It won't cost you anything to try it. You might be trying to use a Workforce account rather than a Developer account. – Matt Raible Jan 5 at 18:42

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