I'm trying to evaluate Formly. This is my first attempt - I want to call a method when the value of a textarea change. This is the code I tried with - so far it doesn't appear to be working I'm not sure If my syntax for the templateOptions is wrong or if I should be accessing the value of the input different.

 form = new FormGroup({});
  model = { defaultText: this.defaultText } ;
  label = this.defaultText ;
  fields: FormlyFieldConfig[] = [{
    key: 'editor',
    id: 'editor',
    name: 'editor',
    type: 'textarea',
    templateOptions: {
      placeholder: this.defaultText,
      onChange: this.previewText = this.parseMarkDownText(this.form.get('editor').value),
   //   appearance: 'fill'
  • use change fn instead of onChange. – a.aitboudad 2 hours ago

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