tried using SET lc_messages TO 'en_US.UTF-8'; seems not working for me

Here is a picture showing what it looks like:

enter image description here

My system language is English, I set locale to English when I install Postgres.

Not sure what happened.

I've googled around can't find anything relevant

Is there any way I can change it to English?

Thank you!


SET lc_messages TO 'en_US.UTF-8'; try running it, Hoping it would solve the Problem.

There's another Stack Question regarding the same Problem, Kindly Check this Link Out : Change language of system and error messages in PostgreSQL

  • Thank you but I tried it, and it seems not working. I added a picture to the first line of the question showing what I did
    – user478212
    Jan 4 '20 at 6:39
  • stackoverflow.com/a/56811670/10096675 This works for me. What I did is delete zh_CN and zh_TW folders. but I back it up somewhere else just in case I need it sometime in the future :)
    – user478212
    Jan 4 '20 at 6:47
  • Kindly Upvote the Answer Which worked for you, So others can get maximum benefit from it too. Jan 4 '20 at 7:18

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