I want to generate something like {{ .Values.something }} using go templates.

But I can't figure out what my template should look like, for example, I thought of a template like this

`"{{.Values."{{ .Value }}"}}"`

And execute it against this struct

type values struct {
    Value string

But it didn't work, I tried some other combinations as well but no luck. Can someone help me figure out how can I get {{ .Values.something }} this output out of a go template.


I. Without changing the delimeters

You can't embed an {{ }} action in another {{ }} action, and that is what you tried. Since the {{ and }} literals in templates are special (they are the default delimeters), you have to use an action to output those as literals, e.g.

{{ "{{" }}


{{ "}}" }}

So a viable solution:

t := template.Must(template.New("").Parse(`{{"{{"}} .Values.{{.Value}} {{"}}"}}`))

buf := &bytes.Buffer{}

params := map[string]interface{}{
    "Value": "Something",

if err := t.Execute(buf, params); err != nil {


This outputs (try it on the Go Playground):

{{ .Values.Something }}

Of course you can output {{ and .Values with one action too, with this template:


Try it on the Go Playground.

You may also use the print builtin template function to do all that in one step:

{{ print "{{.Values." .Value "}}" }}

Try this one on the Go Playground.

II. With changing the default delimeters

All the above template kung-fu was required because we used a template to generate a template that both used the same delimeters.

If we change the delimeters of the generator template, our task becomes much simpler. Delimeters can be changed using the Template.Delims() method.

So for examle if we change the left and right delimeters from ({{, }}) to (<<, >>), then the sequences {{ and }} aren't special anymore, it can be used in templates and they will be outputted as-is.

So the following simple template will also do what you want:

{{ .Values.<<.Value>> }}

Example using it with changing the default delimeters:

t := template.Must(template.New("").
    Delims("<<", ">>").
    Parse(`{{ .Values.<<.Value>> }}`))

Try this one on the Go Playground.

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