I use MagicPrefs to customize the Multi-Touch Gestures I use in OS X. For example, I like to use three finger swipes up and down to switch between tabs in most applications. XCode 4 seems to already have three finger swipe up/down bound to "Switch between header and implementation". Is there a way to turn off that binding in XCode?


I have looked high and low within Xcode 4 and online, and sadly, there seems to be no way to disable the three-finger swipe gesture within Xcode. As a last resort, I even tried disabling the keyboard shortcuts for Jump to Next Counterpart and Jump to Previous Counterpart -- but it had no effect on the gesture.

If you are using the tab bar in Xcode 4 and are looking for an easier way to switch between tabs, you can use the default keyboard shortcuts Cmd+{ and Cmd+} for Select Previous Tab and Select Next Tab, respectively.

Apple accepts feedback from developers using this form -- perhaps you can submit a request to make this an option in the next Xcode update.

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