'I am working on a Kafka Integration, where I a publishing and reading messages from topic. I am able to publish messages to topic but unable to read those messages using inbound endpoint. When I checked WSO2 documentation, they are recommending Kafka kafka_2.9.2- which is very old. Can't we use the latest version of Kafka with Micro Integrator? Can any one suggest please.'

  • I'm able to see Kafka 2.12- in the documentation,which would work fine for later brokers. What are you looking at? – cricket_007 Jan 4 at 16:27

If you are using the Kafka Inbound endpoint from the WSO2 connector store, then you should be able to use the latest versions. Checkout this documentation https://github.com/wso2-extensions/esb-inbound-kafka/blob/release-1.0.7/docs/config.md

Also checkout this github issue thread https://github.com/wso2/product-ei/issues/2239

  • Hi Arunan, As per the link you provided WSO2 is recommended kafka version is kafka_2.12-1.0.0 but we are using 2.3.1. I am using inbound endpoint from the wso2 connector store. But I am getting below error. Can you please suggested is wso2 inbound endpoint connector supports 2.3.1 version of kafka or not. Thanks. – Tejas Chinthakindi Jan 4 at 18:41
  • Below is the error which I am getting kafka.consumer.ConsumerTimeoutException cannot be found by synapse-core_2.1.7.wso2v133 – Tejas Chinthakindi Jan 4 at 18:46

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