While developing a new Rails Application, I noticed the following deprecation warning in the console:

DEPRECATION WARNING: Active Storage's ImageProcessing transformer doesn't support :combine_options, as it always generates a single ImageMagick command. Passing :combine_options will not be supported in Rails 6.1.

This is also mentioned in the Rails 6 release notes:

Deprecate :combine_options in Active Storage's ImageProcessing transformer without replacement.

Now I'm wondering:

  • What we are supposed to use in the future to be able to things such as: <%= image_tag @category.image.variant(combine_options: { resize_to_fill: [800,50] }, gaussian_blur: ['0x1.5']), class: "card-img-top" if @category.image.attached? %>
  • What would be the reason for deprecating this functionality?
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    You're far more likely to get an answer and people are far more likely to discover this post when you spell "deprecation" correctly.
    – anothermh
    Jan 4, 2020 at 17:32

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I should have looked better in the API Documentation.

ActiveStore.Variant takes multiple arguments directly. Taking my example above, the following works and will continue to work:

<%= image_tag @category.image.variant(resize_to_fill: [800,50], gaussian_blur: ['0x1.5']), class: "card-img-top" if @category.image.attached? %>

As a result there's no need to use combine_options.

  • This generates a new variant hash key right? So any previous image upgraded to this syntax will generate a new image? Mar 30, 2021 at 14:53

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