Can anybody explain to me what the error message "Cannot change this property when using LiveBindings" is telling me?

I am new to FMX / Live Bindings and I had something working, but I changed a few things and now, I am getting this error when trying to bind the fields of a TFDMemTable to a TGrid.

I had the same fields from the same table bound to the grid before!

  • I assume that you are attempting to set up your LiveBindings using the LiveBindings editor in the IDE rather than in code. There's nothing wrong with that, except that it makes it difficult for you to convey to us readers exactly what it is that you are doing which provokes the error. I've not come across the exact error message you quote, so don't now how to reproduce your problem atm. The best I can suggest to work around that is if you could edit your q, please, to copy & paste the contents of your form's .DFM file into it. – MartynA Jan 5 at 15:42
  • It would also help if you can tell us which properties are you binding by using LiveBindings. Also make sure that you are perhaps not trying to modify a read only property of TFDMemTable. It is easy to make mistake by starting binding connection from wrong component (start binding from TGrid to TFDMemTable instead the way around). – SilverWarior Jan 6 at 3:50

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