I use Google Maps js API v3. I can show directions with waypoints based on this. What I want is getting the points of the direction. Lets say the direction line goes from Budapest to Warsaw. I want to get all latitude and longitude on that line. But I don't find any build in function or workaround for this. I don't copy code here as the tutorial works for me, I can start from that. (Of course it isn't a good idea to make lot of waypoints.)

I've seen this question. It isn't solution for my problem, as its not for API3

Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: Based on Matty F's answer I found out I searched for the result object's routs array's overview_path field. Thank you.


When calling the DirectionsService.route method, pass a callback as the second parameter. The first parameter in the callback will be a DirectionsResult object. Get all the points of the directions by looping through the children of this object:

DirectionsService.route(request, function(result, status) {
    var pointsArray = [];

    for (var route in result.routes) {
        for (var leg in route.legs) {
            for (var step in leg.steps) {
                for (var latlng in step.path) {

In the end, pointsArray will hold all the LatLng points between the start and destination points.

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