I work on asp.net boilerplate project , and i want to Separate Identity server 4 in another project .

So any one can use Identity server like API's ,angular and any related website .

Can we make this separation ?

Update 1 : We have a spearate Identity Server 4 project with this url : http://localhost:63636/ , below the .well-known/openid-configuration for this project :

    "issuer": "http://localhost:63636",
    "jwks_uri": "http://localhost:63636/.well-known/openid-configuration/jwks",
    "authorization_endpoint": "http://localhost:63636/connect/authorize",
    "token_endpoint": "http://localhost:63636/connect/token",
    "userinfo_endpoint": "http://localhost:63636/connect/userinfo",
    "end_session_endpoint": "http://localhost:63636/connect/endsession",
    "check_session_iframe": "http://localhost:63636/connect/checksession",
    "revocation_endpoint": "http://localhost:63636/connect/revocation",
    "introspection_endpoint": "http://localhost:63636/connect/introspect",
    "device_authorization_endpoint": "http://localhost:63636/connect/deviceauthorization",
    "frontchannel_logout_supported": true,
    "frontchannel_logout_session_supported": true,
    "backchannel_logout_supported": true,
    "backchannel_logout_session_supported": true,
    "scopes_supported": ["profile", "openid", "email", "phone", "default-api", "offline_access"],
    "claims_supported": ["name", "updated_at", "locale", "zoneinfo", "birthdate", "gender", "picture", "profile", "preferred_username", "nickname", "middle_name", "given_name", "family_name", "website", "sub", "email_verified", "email", "phone_number", "phone_number_verified"],
    "grant_types_supported": ["authorization_code", "client_credentials", "refresh_token", "implicit", "password", "urn:ietf:params:oauth:grant-type:device_code"],
    "response_types_supported": ["code", "token", "id_token", "id_token token", "code id_token", "code token", "code id_token token"],
    "response_modes_supported": ["form_post", "query", "fragment"],
    "token_endpoint_auth_methods_supported": ["client_secret_basic", "client_secret_post"],
    "id_token_signing_alg_values_supported": ["RS256"],
    "subject_types_supported": ["public"],
    "code_challenge_methods_supported": ["plain", "S256"],
    "request_parameter_supported": true

For Identity Server 4 we also used a diffrent database , the same users in Asp.net Zero project were also registred in Identity Server 4 DB.

When we try to use this link as IdentityServerUrlBase with ConsoleApiClient sample it's work fine and i used the access token to conect to Asp.net Zero project ($"{ServerUrlBase}api/services/app/user/getUsers")

For the Asp.net Zero project i changed the appsettings.json to be like that :

"IdentityServer": {
"IsEnabled": "true",
"Authority": "http://localhost:63636/",
"ApiName": "default-api",
"ApiSecret": "secret",
"Clients": [
"ClientId": "client",
"AllowedGrantTypes": [
"ClientSecrets": [
"Value": "def2edf7-5d42-4edc-a84a-30136c340e13"
"AllowedScopes": [

The problem is the angular project does't use the Identity Server 4 , if we clsoe Identity Server 4 the angular still worke .

I read this documetation https://aspnetboilerplate.com/Pages/Documents/Zero/Identity-Server , but we still have issue with integration.

Please let me know if you any other informations .

  • Sure. Did you actually try? – Chris Pratt Jan 6 at 13:58
  • Sure i tried with no luck , actually the end result should be two Project , the first one is our boilerplate API and the second one for Identity server . Do you have any sample for that ? – Anas Al-Qudah Jan 6 at 15:37
  • Then you should modify your question to explain what you tried and what didn't work. Then, we can potentially help you with that. – Chris Pratt Jan 6 at 16:55

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