After talking to one of the experts at WSO2, they suggested me the best setup architecture for my requirement, which is provided below, would be to setup API Manager and same API manager package (wso2am-linux-installer-x64-3.0.0.deb) with only gateway profile activated in Server 2 so that the API manager can communicate with the server for access and publishing the API.

Server 1: Cloud VPS for API Manager
Server 2: On-site Server for Production and Sandbox API.

However, refering to the documentation link provided by WSO2 (https://apim.docs.wso2.com/en/latest/InstallAndSetup/DeployingWSO2APIManager/DistributedDeployment/product-profiles/), I am still unable to understand how to set things up.

Can I get a quick start guidance how to initiate the gateway profile?

Here is something which I tried

  • Server 1 is completely setup with API manager up and running.
  • Server 2 I installed API Manager and tried running the API Manager Gateway using -Dprofile=gateway-worker but confused how to setup the API manager so that the request would be redirected to the Sandbox or Production respectively.
  • Could you please tell specifically, what are the issues/ blockers that you face? What are the information you need? – Menaka Jan 10 at 4:17

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