In MongoDB, WiredTiger provides the Zlib compression option.

To enable the Zlib compression option, I created a collection using the following code.

db.createCollection( "questions", { storageEngine: {
                   wiredTiger: { configString: "blockCompressor=zlib" }}})

I ran some simple tests to measure compression performance and used following data sets storing strings

'_id': <ObjectID>,
'question_id': <Five character string>,
'question': <My question>

I created another one collection with any compression option using the following code.

db.createCollection( "questions")

Measured the data size using following comment

db.stats(1024*1024).dataSize + db.stats(1024*1024).indexSize

But I can't able to see the compression difference between these two collections. I referred the following links to achieve my process.



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Don't use dataSize for this comparison since it's the uncompressed size. Use storageSize instead.

Using MongoDB 4.2.2 for example:

// create collections
> db.createCollection('snappy')
> db.createCollection('zlib', {storageEngine: {wiredTiger: {configString: 'block_compressor=zlib'}}})

// insert a compressible document into both collections
> doc = {_id:0, text:<a paragraph of text>}
> db.snappy.insert(doc)
> db.zlib.insert(doc)

// storage size comparison
> db.snappy.stats().storageSize
> db.zlib.stats().storageSize

// data size comparison
> db.snappy.dataSize()
> db.zlib.dataSize()

So the storage size of zlib is much smaller than default (snappy), but data size are the same between them.

Note: If you're still using it, MongoDB 3.0 is very much outdated and not supported anymore since February 2018. Please use a more recent version (latest as of Jan 2020 is 4.2.2).


db.createCollection( "questions", { storageEngine: { wiredTiger: { configString: "blockCompressor=zlib" }}})

ERROR -- throws invalid argument

use instead

db.createCollection( "email", { storageEngine: {wiredTiger: { configString: "block_compressor=zlib" }}})

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