I'm halfway though this project I've set up in MAMP and all of the sudden it doesn't show any of the changes I make anymore.

The site is showing but it doesn't show the latest changes (even big HTML changes). It seems like a caching issue. I've deleted the cache in my browser, did hard refreshes, changed the MAMP preferences to an older version of PHP (7.2.21) and commented [OPcache] out in the php.ini file (as suggested on this thread).

This problem seems to occur more often with php5. But since my version of MAMP is only running php 7 I can't find a solution.

Any ideas?


As silly as it sounds, the only one way I found to get away from that issue was by adding any text on the view that I wanted to be refreshed and re-loading the page. MAMP was detecting that update on the view and loaded the correct version instead of the cached version. The OPcache fix did not work for me either.

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