I have simple checkbox:

r = new Ext.form.Checkbox({
    listeners: {
        check: function(checkbox, checked) {


How to check checkbox without fireevent check ( I want to fireevent check ONLY from mouse click ) ? (setValue doesn't work ).


You should suspend events before set the value and resume events after this. For example:

myCheckBox.suspendEvents(false); // Stop all events. 
                                 //Be careful with it. Dont forget resume events!
myCheckBox.setValue(!myCheckBox.getValue()); // invert value
myCheckBox.resumeEvents(); // resume events

Why dont you just set r.checked = true, does that not work?

Setting checked attributes will have affect only for non-rendered control to assign initial control value. After rendering you can't use this to change value.

Suspend/Resume events is good practice to change control value without sending notifications.

Also you can put checked state immedially to dom element:

item.el.dom.checked = true;


Why dont you just set

r.checked = true, 

does that not work? although it should work.


I was already trying the accepted answer before googling but it didn't work in 4.1.3. The following did:


Hope this helps future googlers.

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    Just a note of caution: by using "setRawValue", the first uncheck event will not fire. Source: sencha.com/forum/… – pvieira Jul 14 '13 at 11:36

Calling suspendEvents(false) before setting the value and resumeEvents() afterwards is a more generic approach than setRawValue because if you're using converters (say, 1 is true and 0 is false) they will remain working.

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