IJ Idea 2019.3.1 Ultimate, JH 6.6.

Have a microservices project with 3 microservices and a gateway. All OK except for one microservices module which keeps coming up with spurious errors on a handful of files. These go away if the files are opened one by one, or the module recompiled / cleaned with mvn, however come back inevitably. Is there any flag / full clean I can do to solve this?

  • Do you use any special plugins for JHipster? What error do you get, please add screenshots describing the exact issue. – Andrey Jan 7 at 10:38
  • Nothing special plugin wise, screenshot: link, errors are libs, like : Error:(4, 1) java: package org.springframework.data.jpa.repository does not exist Error:(5, 38) java: package org.springframework.stereotype does not exist Error:(13, 42) java: cannot find symbol symbol: class JpaRepository Error:(13, 70) java: cannot find symbol symbol: class JpaSpecificationExecutor Error:(12, 2) java: cannot find symbol symbol: class Repository – bdav Jan 7 at 10:45
  • All dependencies, target paths (replacing the module name), and other settings look exactly the same fo each module. – bdav Jan 7 at 10:57
  • Looks like you are using Java 9 modules. Do you have these dependencies added in pom.xml with the compile scope? A project to check would be helpful. Make also sure you are using Java 9 compatible spring-boot and JPA libraries. – Andrey Jan 7 at 15:05

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