I have two JHipster application (Angular/SpringBoot) currently based on JWT authentication.

  1. Existing application A which owns a users database and many features
  2. New application B that needs to use Application A authentication and ask for some resources but owns also its database and some features

I would like to turn the application A to an authorization server which will allow another application B to use this authentication system and somes resources of application A.

When a user goes to the application B, it has to be redirect to the login page of application A, login into the current Angular form of application A and after be redirect to application B logged in. The application B relies on the application A authentication for users and roles and can ask some resources if needed.

I saw some lonks to create authorization server:



But also in JHipster documentation that there is the possibility to create UAA application https://www.jhipster.tech/using-uaa/#architecture_diagram

But it seems complex for me to start with existing application A. Considering my needs, do you have any recommendations of how to do it ?

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