Got a microservices app (1x GW, 3x Microservices), and trying to hit an API endpoint of one microservice from another. OAUTH2 integration working with OKTA, all seems fine when accessing via gateway. Trying to set up an authorizedFeignClient using the following:

@AuthorizedFeignClient(name = "SITECONFIGSERVICE")
public interface MeterClient {

    @RequestMapping(method = RequestMethod.GET, value = "/meters")
    List<Object> getMeters();

However I'm seeing a 401 come back. Looking at the traffic going between the services, it seems that no kind of auth token is being added to the GET request at all. How do I have JHipster / Feign add this to the request?

  • N.B. for more context, this is on a scheduled or JMS triggered task. On a user / web triggered event I guess their Oauth2 token would be passed forward, however I'm not aware of how this works in the case of M2M – bdav Jan 7 at 12:50

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