I want to create an RSS feed for my rails app and submit it to iTunes and other services. One of the values Apple uses is:

<itunes:duration>DURATION H:MM:SS</itunes:duration>

How can I fetch it from a mp3 file stored on the Amazon cloud via Active Storage?

Thank you.

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    You should look into a process where upon upload of a new mp3, a few parameters are derived from the file (a.o. the duration), like when uploading images, upon upload the thumbnails are also generated. For already uploaded files you will have to create a script/task to download them, determine the duration, and update an attribute in the database (I think it is way too costly to do this on-the-fly). Do you know how to get the duration from an mp3 file? Check mp3 related gems: ruby-toolbox.com/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=mp3 – nathanvda Jan 7 at 15:00
  • @pawciorr - Have you tried any of the libraries suggested above ? – Alok Swain Jan 8 at 7:24

taglib-ruby can provide the information you are looking for. Look at its documentation on how to install it.

Make sure the gem and its required system dependency taglib are installed. Download the file from its source url and save it in Rails.root/tmp directory. (Assuming you can get the url the file it at and its stored in a variable source_url)

target_path = 'tmp/downloaded_audio.mp3'

IO.copy_stream(open(source_url), target_path) # download the source file

TagLib::FileRef.open(target_path) do |f|
 t = f.audio_properties.length_in_seconds
 duration_str =  (t/3600).to_i.to_s.rjust(2,'0') + ":"+Time.at(t).utc.strftime("%M:%S")

duration_str if the value you are looking for. You should ideally store it in your database so that you can use it whenever you generate your RSS feed.

  • Thank you Alok, I will try to use your suggestion and let you know if it works. – pawciorr Jan 13 at 13:07
  • @pawciorr - Did the solution work out ? – Alok Swain Jan 16 at 8:37

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