I am new to wso2 and its very confusing. I'm developing a web application using authorization Provider: WSO2 Identity Server (IS)

I am looking for minimum configuration on the wso2 side so the simple way is to use SOAP call AuthenticationAdmin services https://host:port/services/AuthenticationAdmin?wsdl

I couldn't find much about the interaction between the authorization server and the resource server and how should it look like.

How to configure spring-security, maybe there is some sample I can look at

  • Wso2 provides a selection of authentication protocols that you could use. The most straight-forward is probably OpenID Connect. Here is a tutorial for setting up Spring Security to use OpenID Connect: baeldung.com/spring-security-openid-connect – Tobb Jan 7 at 22:11

You can find more information about the concepts of the OAuth here. You find how to work with OAuth in WSO2 IS also. You can also refer to the white paper

Here is a blog about how to secure Spring Boot based web application using OpenID Connect. This blog includes a sample

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