I need to connect to an sftp server from Mac OS X and the username given is an email address (someone@example.com)

So my connection string looks like:

sftp someone@example.com@ftp.example.com

The connection does not accept the password so I assume it is confused by the double "@".

I tried to escape the first "@" with "\@" But that crashed the sftp server and would only have an effect for the shell I'd think.

What is the proper way to escape this in order to get it to work.

Unfortunately the sftp command on Mac OS X does not allow me an option for interactive username prompt.


Add an entry for the host in ~/.ssh/config that has the desired name.

Host stupidadminhost
    HostName ssh.example.com
    User somewhere@outthere.com

Then just SFTP to stupidadminhost instead, with no given username.

sftp -o User=someone@example.com ftp.example.com
  • Passing in the username like this works but still, The results is the same as if I had called sftp someone@example.com@ftp.example.com – Chris Birch Apr 2 '15 at 21:14

As a workaround I use YummyFTP. It bypasses a lot of the complicated options and gives you a visual interface. It has been a time saver for me with lots of different sites to interact with.

sftp "someone@example.com"@ftp.example.com

This does the trick too.

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    -1 The quotes will be gone by the time sftp sees the argument string. – tripleee Sep 16 '12 at 6:40

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