I have setup IWA for my service provider by following these documents: https://is.docs.wso2.com/en/5.9.0/learn/configuring-iwa-on-linux/ https://medium.com/@farasath/integrated-windows-authentication-with-kerberos-and-wso2-identity-server-ffcd8263a0f1

However upon submitting the login request, I get HTTP 500 error. Why am I facing this issue? Note: The same IWA configuration work fine for older version i.e WSO2 Identity- Server(wso2is-km-5.7.0)

IWA error

  • Can you confirm whether you have followed the steps in is.docs.wso2.com/en/5.9.0/learn/configuring-iwa-on-linux? The configuration model has changed from IS 5.7.0 to IS 5.9.0 a bit. – farasath Jan 8 at 16:03
  • Yes, I have followed the same steps mentioned there – shubh1023 Jan 9 at 6:27
  • Anyone facing the same issue with this version of WSO2??..Please guide us – shubh1023 Jan 10 at 6:41
  • Is it just me who is facing this issue with the latest version...or did anyone resolve it??? – shubh1023 Jan 16 at 9:54
  • Can you explain your setup (Client machine, AD and IS are located) and how the flow happens in your environment? – farasath Jan 21 at 16:49

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