Any idea how to solve this? I have an extbase plugin, that has a list and a show action. Both should be cachable and the detail link should not contain a cache hash

I can not achieve this. As soon as i enable the caches i always get the same result for the detail action.

I configured the plugin to be cacheable:

// add detail plugin
        'ControllerName' => 'show',

The routing config:

    type: Extbase
    extension: Extension
    plugin: SomePiName
      - { routePath: '/{localized_entry}/{slug}', _controller: 'ControllerName::show', _arguments: {'slug': 'uuid'} }
    defaultController: 'ControllerName::show'
        type: LocaleModifier
        default: 'show'
          - locale: 'de_DE.*|de_AT.*|de_CH.*'
            value: 'detail'
          - locale: 'it_IT.*'
            value: 'dettaglio'
        type: customType

My custom aspect works by mapping the foreign uuid on a generated slug, that is stored in a mysql-table i maintain.

I want a deeplink like:


But i get


So i added:

$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['FE']['cacheHash']['excludedParameters'][] = "tx_extension_somepiname[uuid]";
$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['FE']['cacheHash']['excludedParameters'][] = "tx_extension_somepiname[controller]";
$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['FE']['cacheHash']['excludedParameters'][] = "tx_extension_somepiname[action]";

Now the link looks like:


But as soon as i activate the caches i always get the same result.

So i need a cache hash calculation but i dont want the fu**er to be in the link...

Links are generated using ContentObjectRenderer->typolink_URL with the config:

    "parameter" => "t3://myhandler?uuid=someuuid"

that handler translates to a subsequent call to ContentObjectRenderer->typolink_URL with the config:

    "parameter" => "t3://page?uid=someconfiguredpageuid",
    "useCacheHash" => 0,
    "additionalParams" => "&tx_extension_somepiname[uuid]=uuid&tx_extension_somepiname[controller]=Controller&tx_extension_somepiname[action]=show"

So my situation is, that i can EITHER have a cacheHash and a correct result OR nor cacheHash with invalid results.

How is this meant to be done?

  • Can you explain / show what customType does exactly? – Jonas Osburg Jan 8 at 10:40
  • Well it implements the PersistedMappableAspectInterface, uses the SiteLanguageAwareTrait and translates uuids to slugs. Both uuid and the title - from which i generate the slug - are stored in a foreign api. The method generate translates a uuid to a slug and the method reslove translates a slug back to a uuid – Philipp Wrann Jan 8 at 11:02
  • pastebin.com/d8hwfAGG – Philipp Wrann Jan 8 at 11:08

You should not exclude parameters that actually distinguish page content from cHash generation. They are really only sane to use with external tracking parameters like fbclid etc.

Also don't use useCacheHash=0 if you rely on caching.

Rather configure the route enhancer to remove the ?cHash.


Okay, i solved this, here the necessary steps:

1) Like Jonas Eberle suggested we remove the extbase arguments from excludedParameters.

2) Configure the details action as cacheable (remove controller->action combination from 2nd array of possible actions in extbase plugin registration / ext_localconf.php)

3) When using a custom aspect, implement the "StaticMappableAspectInterface". I did not find the relevant part in the core but it seems this interface is required! Just have a look at the PersistedAliasMapper.

Now it works...

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