I want to emulate a button click on a site using an http request. When you click this button on the site, we remain on the same page. When you click, the state of the button simply changes (it changes). If you look in the developer console, when you click on the button, these two http requests are generated: http-request 1 http-request 2 I'm trying to emulate them by sending these requests:

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data = {'target': user_id,
        'st.modes': 'wideportlet',
        'list': '',
        'disableShortcut': 'false',
        'largeCard': 'false',
        'st.sizes': '',
        'action': 'decline',
        'st._aid': 'FriendshipRequests_Decline',
        'gwt.requested': '5bf8572fT1576852277832'
response = session.post('https://ok.ru/dk?cmd=FriendshipRequests', data=data)
data = {'cmd': 'FriendshipRequestMotivatorController',
        'gwt.requested': '5bf8572fT1576852277832'
response = session.post('https://ok.ru/dk', data=data)

Where user_id is the parameter that is parsed from the page before the request. In response to both requests, I get the status code 200, but there are no changes on the site. I tried to send only the first request and two requests at the same time-the result is the same-there are no changes on the site.

How to make an http request correctly? What is my mistake?

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