Please tell me the best methodology to create the user login using the following details.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • DOB

I need more readable and should not be duplicated user login. If the above details is not much or not worth to create a user login, please let me know, what details are required to create the user login in the best way?.


Have a look at this article for some great advice:

Innovative Techniques To Simplify Sign-Ups and Log-Ins

Here's a summary:

  • Allow Users to Log in With Their Email Address
  • Log Users in Without Leaving the Page
  • Auto-Focus the First Text Field
  • Allow Users to Unmask Their Password
  • Use a Question Mark Icon for the Password Recovery Link
  • Make the “Submit” Button as Wide as the Text Fields
  • Allow Users to Log in Via Facebook, Twitter or OpenID

See also The Definitive Guide To Website Authentication here on Stackoverflow.

Topics include:

  • how to log in
  • how to remain logged in
  • how to store passwords
  • using secret questions
  • forgotten password functionality
  • OpenID
  • "Remember me" checkbox
  • Browser autocompletion of usernames and passwords
  • secret urls (public urls protected by digest)
  • checking password strength
  • email validation

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