The goal is to get the table and column which are "using" a sequence, and the query I've come up with is this:

select attrelid::regclass::text, attname 
from pg_attribute 
where pg_get_serial_sequence(attrelid::regclass::text, attname) = 'public.websession_idcntr_seq';

It's inefficient so any other suggestions are also welcome, but the problem at hand is that this breaks with the following error:

ERROR:  permission denied for schema pg_toast

So the next thing I did was try to avoid pg_toast:

select attrelid::regclass::text, attname 
from pg_attribute 
    join pg_class tbl on tbl.oid = pg_attribute.attrelid
    join pg_namespace nsp on tbl.relnamespace = nsp.oid
    nsp.nspname != 'pg_toast'
    and pg_get_serial_sequence(attrelid::regclass::text, attname) = 'public.websession_idcntr_seq';

That also fails with exactly the same message.

I have no intention of doing anything with the pg_toast schema, and I can't run this under a superuser account. (EDIT: And I can't modify permissions to get around that).

Why doesn't the workaround with nspname != 'pg_toast' work?

Is there a better way to do this whole operation?

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SQL does not guarantee you a certain order in which the conditions in the WHERE clause are evaluated, and EXPLAIN will show you that pg_get_serial_sequence (which causes the error) is executed first.

Try the following that excludes the offending tables earlier on:

SELECT t.oid::regclass, a.attname
FROM pg_class AS t
   JOIN pg_attribute AS a ON t.oid = a.attrelid
WHERE t.relkind IN ('r', 'p')  /* only normal and partitioned tables */
  AND pg_get_serial_sequence(t.oid::regclass::text, attname)
      = 'public.websession_idcntr_seq';
  • That's exactly it, I forgot about the ordering! Thanks!
    – Ivan Voras
    Jan 9, 2020 at 14:52

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