Just using Joomla for the first time. I need to perform an update. On the Control Panel page, I select the icon to automatically install the newest updates; on the next page I hit the update button. Joomla fails to automatically update. Instead it simply prints

Update: :Extension: Could not open https://update.joomla.org/core/extension.xml

Nothing was logged in my Joomla error logs. How do I fix this?

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First, in your php.ini file (probably located in your PHP install directory), make sure that extension=php_openssl.dll is present and NOT commented out with a semicolon. This extension is necessary in order for Joomla to make an https call to its update server.

Second, still in your php.ini file, make sure the allow_url_fopen property is turned "on". If this is off, Joomla will not be allowed to download files from its update server.

Finally, in your configuration.php file (probably located in your web server's root folder), ensure that LoadModule ssl_module modules/mod_ssl.so is present and NOT commented out with a hashtag. I don't know what this line does, but it seems to be necessary.

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