Hello please am having a problem with my message sending notification in PHP PDO and below is my code for addMention sendNotification if someone mentions a user in his post.

public function addMention($status,$user_id, $tweet_id){
    preg_match_all("/@+([a-zA-Z0-9_]+)/i", $status, $matches);
        $result = array_values($matches[1]);

    $sql = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = :mention";

    foreach ($result as $trend) {
        if($stmt = $this->pdo->prepare($sql)){
            $stmt->execute(array(':mention' => $trend));
            $data = $stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_OBJ);
    if($data->user_id != $user_id){
        Message::sendNotification($data->user_id, $user_id, $tweet_id, 'mention');

And below is my sendNotication function

public function sendNotification($get_id, $user_id, $target, $type){
        $this->create('notification', array('notificationFor' => $get_id, 'notificationFrom' => $user_id, 'target' => $target, 'type' => $type, 'time' => date('Y-m-d H:i:s')));

$this does not exist outside of instantiated class objects, you are showing a function, but no surrounding class, in your code examples. It must be that you're calling it from outside an object context.


class Notification extends SomeClassWithACreateMethod
    public function sendNotification($get_id, $user_id, $target, $type){
        $this->create('notification', array('notificationFor' => $get_id, 
        'notificationFrom' => $user_id, 'target' => $target, 'type' => $type, 'time' => date('Y-m-d H:i:s')));

Try something more like that...keep in mind the ->create() method you're calling needs to be part of this Notification class, too.

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    I think he just didn't show the class container, since public function won't even compile outside of a class. – Barmar Jan 9 at 2:35
  • Fair point, I didn't think about that. Cheers. I guess I should assume there's a create() function in that class, too. Heck, I don't know what to assume and what not to today. I think I have a cold. – Jeremy Anderson Jan 9 at 2:36
  • And this doesn't really solve the problem, which is the way he's calling the method from the other method. – Barmar Jan 9 at 2:38
  • class Message extends User{ function __construct($pdo){ $this->pdo = $pdo; } – Joseph Sunxy Jan 9 at 2:51

You need to create a Message object so you can call its sendNotification method.

$msg = new Message()
$msg->sendNotification($data->user_id, $user_id, $tweet_id, 'mention');

The way you're calling it is only appropriate for a static method, which can't use $this.

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  • how do I call sendNotification() through the object? – Joseph Sunxy Jan 9 at 2:49
  • With the code in my answer. I assumed that it's a method of the same class. – Barmar Jan 9 at 2:50
  • They're in the Message class? – Barmar Jan 9 at 3:04
  • yes sir and this time Its now showing 'Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method Tweet::sendNotification()' – Joseph Sunxy Jan 9 at 3:07
  • That error means that the first function is in the Tweet class, not Message. – Barmar Jan 9 at 3:08

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