I'm trying to perform a simple XPath expression on a string (for example, FHP2019/0156). My aim is to replace the / character with an _ character.

The XPath expression I've used is: fn:replace($ctx:ApplicationID , '/', '_')

But I'm getting the following error:

Evaluation of the XPath expression fn:replace($ctx:ApplicationID , '/', '_') resulted in an error

  • get-property(...) is not a standard XPath function. And fn:replace is an XPath-2.0 function which is only valid if your XPath processor supports XPath-2.0 or above. – zx485 Jan 9 at 3:31
  • Thanks. Is fn:replace($ctx:ApplicationID , '/', '_') a better option? – Zeeshan Arif Jan 9 at 5:28

Since, replace is a XPATH 2.0 function, you have to enable xpath 2.0 in the esb. Uncomment the "synapse.xpath.dom.failover.enabled=true" line inside synapse.properties conf file and restart the server. You may have to change your expression from "fn:replace($ctx:ApplicationID , '/', '')" to "replace($ctx:ApplicationID , '/', '')"

Please note that, enabling xpath 2.0 functions might affect other xpath expressions already defined. In that case you may have to find an alternative for fn:replace.

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