We have distributed environment as below and trying to export published API from the same.

We have deployed "api-import-export-2.6.0-v14.war" in https://external-gw:9443/carbon and cli tool in the same server

apimcli add-env -n dev \ --registration https://store:9443/client-registration/v0.14/register \ --apim https://external-gw:9443 \ --token https://key-m:9443/token \ --import-export https://external-gw:9443/api-import-export-2.6.0-v10 \ --admin https://external-gw:9443/api/am/admin/v0.14 \ --api_list https://publisher:9444/api/am/publisher/v0.14/apis \ --app_list https://store:9443/api/am/store/v0.14/applications

When we tried to login through cli tool to dev environment, we are getting "403:forbidden".

Suspecting while creating environment, we might have mis-configured urls for registration/apim/token/import-import/admin/api_list/app_list.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


You need to provide the --registration https://https://key-m:9443/client-registration/v0.14/register endpoint pointing to KM.

The API Import-export war should be deployed in Publisher node and provide --import-export https://publisher:9443/api-import-export-2.6.0-v10 pointing to Publisher node.

api#am#admin#v0.15.war should be deployed to Publisher portal and provide --admin https://publisher:9443/api/am/admin/v0.14 endpoint pointing to Publisher node.

Since you are providing the api_list and app_list flags it does not matter what value you provide for apim. Hence you can just point it to the Publisher node.

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