I am getting this attached error when I try and run my app. Any ideas? (Below)

Launching lib\main.dart on SM J200Y in debug mode...
Running Gradle task 'assembleDebug'...
√ Built build\app\outputs\apk\debug\app-debug.apk.
Error detected in pubspec.yaml:
No file or variants found for asset: assets/credentials.json.

I have checked the yaml file and the formatting seems to be fine. I am at a loss as want the issue is. (Also, below)


  # The following line ensures that the Material Icons font is
  # included with your application, so that you can use the icons in
  # the material Icons class.
  uses-material-design: true
  # To add assets to your application, add an assets section, like this:
  - assets/credentials.json
  • your code is not properly indented . assets and - assets/cr... – griffins Jan 9 '20 at 4:56

Check identation of assets. Generally it should have 3 spaces from start of new line.

 - assets/credentials.json // <-- count three spaces from start

In my case, the problem was that I was missing slash /.

At first, I have added my icons path as below.

      - assets/icons

I solve the issue by adding as slash / to the end of the path as below:

      - assets/icons/
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    Thank you, man. I was facing this problem. It is now solved. – Naimul Kabir Jun 21 at 16:27

I was facing the same problem, and I had two mistakes:

  1. I created the "images" folder inside the "lib" folder, and it should be outside the lib folder, it should be in the app root folder. enter image description here

  2. It should me three spaces from the starter line as @Darshan said

    -assets/credentials.json // <-- count three spaces from start

    It should appear a grey line, like this

    enter image description here


there are 2 possibility

  1. Folder/file missing in your project directory
  2. Missing "/" in the end of folder/file name in pubspec.yaml file

try copying the file manually not using VS-Code or Android studio. don't use drag/drop.


Sometimes you need to enter filename as such:

flutter:   assets:
    - lib/assets/logo.png

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