I want to install vue for my project through npx, not globally and to be sure that I have the latest version of vue.js, just like is done in react. What is the command in the terminal to achieve that?


Vue CLI (@vue/cli) is the equivalent package, which could be run with npx like this:

npx @vue/cli create --default my-project

Usage output as of v4.1.2:

$ npx @vue/cli --help
Usage: vue <command> [options]

  -V, --version                              output the version number
  -h, --help                                 output usage information

  create [options] <app-name>                create a new project powered by vue-cli-service
  add [options] <plugin> [pluginOptions]     install a plugin and invoke its generator in an already created project
  invoke [options] <plugin> [pluginOptions]  invoke the generator of a plugin in an already created project
  inspect [options] [paths...]               inspect the webpack config in a project with vue-cli-service
  serve [options] [entry]                    serve a .js or .vue file in development mode with zero config
  build [options] [entry]                    build a .js or .vue file in production mode with zero config
  ui [options]                               start and open the vue-cli ui
  init [options] <template> <app-name>       generate a project from a remote template (legacy API, requires @vue/cli-init)
  config [options] [value]                   inspect and modify the config
  outdated [options]                         (experimental) check for outdated vue cli service / plugins
  upgrade [options] [plugin-name]            (experimental) upgrade vue cli service / plugins
  info                                       print debugging information about your environment

  Run vue <command> --help for detailed usage of given command.

Note that the installation takes several seconds, so it might be worthwhile to install it locally.


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