I'm having big brain problem figuring out filtering by color using ClosedXML.

I've recently moved from Interop.Excel to ClosedXML, due to project shifting in my workplace. When we were using Interop.Excel, the filtering was fairly easy and in fact, only one line of code was sufficient:

.ActiveSheet.Range([Range]).AutoFilter(Field:=[Field], Operator:=Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.XlAutoFilterOperator.xlFilterNoFill)

Now with ClosedXML I cannot figure out how to filter the file by color, also the documentation doesn't provide any steps on how to do it and I was unable to find any cases of similar problem on the internet.

Could you please help newcomer?

Edit: I'm using ClosedXML version 0.94.2
Edit 2: It seems that the feature will be added in the upcoming version 0.96. Thank you @FrancoisBotha for clarification.

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