I am currently learning c# with an online tutorial. So far I have been able to solve every exercise but this one I cannot figure it out:

Write a program asking the user a string. Then it will modify the string by changing uneven letters (first, third...) into lowercase and even letters (second, fourth...) into uppercase letters. For instance: "Hello" should look like this --> hElLo.

I am converting the string to uppercase first so I only have to do the lowercase part. In this exercise I am supposed to use StringBuilder but I cannot figure it out. I thought maybe with a for loop I could go through every letter and change those that i%2 != 0 but StringBuilder cannot use ToLower(). I cannot think of a way to change it ToString(), ToLower()and then add it at the end of the string.

Any help will be welcome.


  • You call ToLower() on each string before you add it to the StringBuilder. – Johnathan Barclay Jan 9 at 10:44
  • 1
    Where are you getting the requirement for StringBuilder? – ColinM Jan 9 at 10:45
  • The exercise is in the StringBuilder lesson of the course. – Mario Duran Jan 9 at 11:36

Well, StringBuilder doesn't have ToLower(), but you can use char.ToLower for each character:

 string source = "Abracadba";

 StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(source.Length);

 for (int i = 0; i < source.Length; ++i) {
   sb.Append(i % 2 != 0
     ? char.ToUpper(source[i]) 
     : char.ToLower(source[i]));

 string result = sb.ToString();

Same idea, Linq implementation:

 using System.Linq;


 string result = string.Concat(source
   .Select((c, i) => i % 2 != 0 ? char.ToUpper(c) : char.ToLower(c)));
  • Great!! Works perfect! Thanks a lot to everyone! – Mario Duran Jan 9 at 11:46
  • @MarioDuran mark it as the answer to your question. – ColinM Jan 11 at 16:58

Tho this is not an ideal question to answer, but just wanted to share a little knowledge

It's quite easy. Loop through the chars of the string, detect if the char's index is odd or even and do your work there :

// A simple function to check if a number is odd

public static bool IsOdd(int value)
    return value % 2 != 0;

// Now looping through the characters

public string ManipulatedString(string str)
 string manipulated = "";
 for (int i = 0; i < str.Length; i++)
       manipulated += Char.ToUpper(str[i]);
       manipulated += Char.ToLower(str[i]);
 return manipulated;

Hope this helps

  • str[i] is char, and in case of char the syntax is char.ToUpper(str[i]) (char.ToLower(str[i])) – Dmitry Bychenko Jan 9 at 10:55
  • @DmitryBychenko Thanks mate! Missed it. – Aousaf rashid Jan 9 at 10:57

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