Please see attached screenshotI have question with two options. If user select option 1 then I would like to redirect to URL1 and if user select option 2 then I would like to redirect to URL2.

How can I do that?

JSON code is here.

    "question_code": "Q1",
    "type": "radio",
    "question": "Question1",
    "required": "true",
    "options": [
        "code": "Q1OP1",
        "text": "Option1",
        "child": [ ],
        "steps": 11
        "text": "Option2",
        "code": "Q1OP2",
        "child": [ ],
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    Are you using some other software to show the question? How are you displaying it to the user? – Sxribe Jan 9 at 12:57
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    Please show the affected HTML. – Markus Zeller Jan 9 at 13:02
  • Please see attached screenshot – TapCha9 Jan 9 at 15:02

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